• 2in1 Wipe&Clean Copper Cloths

    2in1 Wipe&Clean copper cloths REZI

    Our unique micro dry steam technology meets aud the innovative cleaning cloths Wipe&Clean.

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  • Bayonet Lance

    Bayonet Lance

    Art.Nr. 120755V1/120750V1

    Access those pesky hard to reach places easier than ever with the bayonet lance...

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  • Brass Brushes

    Brass Brushes

    Art.Nr. 120717/120719

    Coming in two sizes, 28mm and 60mm, the brush has been specially designed to shift lime-scale deposits on taps and sinks...

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  • Drain Dome Head

    Drain Dome Head

    Art.Nr. 1207010V1

    Enable the cleaning of drains quickly and simple, without all the mess and hassle...

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  • Extensions


    Art.Nr. 12030GV1

    The extensions for the Thermostar are absolutely ideal for getting to those places that are difficult to reach...

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