• Stainless Steel Brass Wool

    Stainless Steel Brass Wool

    Art.Nr. 99988/120712

    Absolutely perfect for cleaning burned on stains on the hob or grill...

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  • Stainless Steel Brushes

    Stainless Steel Brushes

    Art.Nr. 120709/120727

    The brushes come in two sizes, 28mm and 60mm, with the bristles mainly used for heavily dirty areas...

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  • Stainless Steel Steam Scraper

    Stainless Steel Steam Scraper

    Art.Nr. 120723X

    A durable stainless steel steam scraper for those very dirty areas that need cleaning with extra force...

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  • Steam Evaporator Deluxe

    Steam Evaporator Deluxe

    Art.Nr. 1209956

    Connecting to your Thermostar, ensure an ideal indoor climate with this air freshener and humidifier...

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  • Steam Hose

    Steam Hose

    Art.Nr. JD03A0F/JD03AU0

    The steam hose is a unique part to the Thermostar that can be useful for various cleaning areas in the household...

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