• Mop Pads (390mm)

    Mop Pads (390mm)

    Art. Nr. 7000055/7000065

    390mm in size, these pads are used at the end of the mop to clean spills, dirt and general mess from surfaces...

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  • Nylon Brushes

    Nylon Brushes

    Art.Nr. 120715/120716/120718

    Coloured in red and black, the nylon brushes are to be used on areas that need to be hygienically cleaned...

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  • Rectangular Brush

    Rectangular Brush

    Art.Nr. TH12040

    The brush is ideal for cleaning floors, carpets, mattresses, smooth areas and diverse textiles...

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  • Small Triangular Brush

    Small Triangular Brush

    Art.Nr. 120713

    A brush for all those hard to reach corners when cleaning...

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  • Sponge Steam Buffers

    Sponge Steam Buffers

    Art.Nr. SA10049/SA100391

    For use with the rectangular and the triangular brushes to ensure a simple clean...

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