• Steam Iron Station

    Steam Iron Station

    The ideal partner for a Thermostar Steam Iron, work like a professional with a heated surface and suction function...

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  • Steam Lance

    Steam Lance

    Art.Nr. 120739V1/120749V1 and TH12733/TH12743

    One of your most important tools for Thermostar. Easily clean, disinfect or remove dust from the surfaces using the lance...

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  • Steam Scraper

    Steam Scraper

    Art.Nr. 120723

    A highly practical accessory for the Thermostar to help scrape away dirt, ice, or whatever you need...

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  • Steam Window Cleaner

    Steam Window Cleaner

    Art.Nr. 120600V1

    Clean glass and mirror surfaces easier than ever before with this high-quality window cleaner...

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  • Stitched Steam Buffers

    Stitched Steam Buffers

    Art.Nr. SA1004V1/SA1003V1

    For use with the rectangular and triangular brushes to ensure a simple clean...

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Cleanness for a lifetime!