2in1 Wipe&Clean copper cloths

Art.no. REZI

Our unique micro dry steam technology meets the innovative Wipe&Clean cleaning cloths.
Wipe&Clean wipes are enriched with tiny copper pigments over the entire surface in a patented process. When combined with steam or water, the incorporated copper pigments release ions and the absorbed bacteria and viruses are inactivated. Thus you extend the high cleaning performance of micro dry steam even further: with Wipe&Clean not only the dissolved dirt is removed, but up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses! Compared to conventional wipes, this also significantly reduces the risk of infection, the spread of germs and, above all, the unpleasant odor.

Advantages at a glance:

  • maximum dirt absorption
  • exclusive large format
  • 99.9% germ reduction
  • 0% odor formation
  • enriched with copper pigments
  • maximum efficiency
  • maximum hygiene
  • active environmental protection

Cleanness for a lifetime!