Plant care

Plants and flowers not only purify the air, but also bring a piece of nature into the smallest city apartment. In order to enjoy these living decorations for a long time, they too need the right care. 

Dust off green leaves

Regular cleaning of dust is one of the most important care tips. Dusting not only makes them more beautiful in appearance, it also promotes the vitality of the plants. The dust layer significantly reduces photosynthesis and thus weakens the entire plant. Houseplants have to do without natural rain, which in the wild simply washes away the dirt. So you have to do it yourself and clean the leaves properly and regularly.

Large-leaved houseplants in particular can be easily dusted. Use either a microfiber cloth or dry steam cleaner with the steam lance. However, you should be particularly careful when doing this so as not to injure the individual leaves. Especially when using the dry steam cleaner, a greater distance from the surface area should be kept due to the higher temperatures.

Humidify plants

Houseplants themselves contribute to increasing humidity and thus ensure a pleasant indoor climate. However, they also need the right humidity to thrive. To support this, you can regularly steam your plants with the dry steam cleaner. To do this, use the Thermostar device without an attachment and moisten the leaves. The atomized water is a real boon to the plant. This care is particularly important in winter when the heating air is dry or in the heat of summer.

Tip: Treat your plants to a refreshing shower with a spraying from time to time.

Proper additional care

If you are already there, you can also carry out a complete care measure. This includes the removal of dried out flowers and leaves, a necessary trimming or the addition of fertilizer. The plants can also be checked for pest infestation at this time. The flowerpot should also be cleaned of dirt at this time. You should also repot the plants from time to time and provide them with new, fresh soil.

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