• Outdoors


    Spring is the right time to prepare outdoor areas for the coming summer season. With the first warming rays of the sun, the desire to get everything ready for the outdoors grows so that you can soon sit outside again. So: clean, tidy, organize and then enjoy!

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  • PVC and Floor Tiles

    PVC and Floor Tiles

    The time you spent on the floor with a sponge and brush are now over!

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  • Parquet and Laminate Flooring

    Parquet and Laminate Flooring

    A steam cleaner for parquet and laminate floor? It works! Take a look how.

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  • Plant Care

    Plant care

    Plants and flowers not only purify the air, but also bring a piece of nature into the smallest city apartment. In order to enjoy these living decorations for a long time, they too need the right care.

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  • Polished Wood Surfaces

    Polished Wood Surfaces

    Find out how to carefully treat and clean polished wooden surfaces.

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Cleanness for a lifetime!