• Glass and Window Cleaning

    Glass and window cleaning

    One of the most unpopular housework is probably cleaning windows. But like all household chores, window cleaning has to be done, and so it just can't be avoided. Not only do men always think that cleaning windows is just women's work, but on top of that you often can't enjoy the results of cleaning them for hours.

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  • Joints/Grooves


    Make sure to get deep into those joints and grooves in your home or outdoors!

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  • Kitchen Grease

    Kitchen Grease

    Cleaning kitchen grease highly depends on the surface. Learn what accessories to use!

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  • Leather


    Learn how to gently clean leather products with the steam cleaner.

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  • Mattresses and Upholstery

    Mattresses and Upholstery

    The cleaning of mattresses and upholstery has never been simpler.

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