General Cleaning with Thermostar

Clean effectively and hygienically while being environmentally friendly

Whether it is in spring or autumn, before Christmas or before Easter – it inevitably comes up again and again: doing a big cleaning of the whole household. Cleaning is rarely fun, even if you try to put yourself in a good mood by listening to your favourite music, watching your favourite film or thinking about how the whole flat or house will be beautifully clean afterwards. And it's exhausting too! Your back can be quite upset for some time after a cleaning day like that. And last but not least: It takes up valuable time. Because, and this is odd, even now we still go about a thorough general cleaning in the same way as the generations before us: We are using the most modern, digital devices that make everyday life easier, but when washing and cleaning we use aggressive chemical cleaning agents and work extremely hard to remove dirt – just as it was done in the previous millennium, rather than making our lives easier when it comes to cleaning.

The trick is to let off steam!

Getting rid of the mess can still be a bit fun, but the fun ends when it comes to that stubborn dirt when you're doing the pre-Christmas or spring cleaning – at that point, cleaning and scrubbing until your joints hurt and your skin is dry is usually the order of the day. But it doesn't have to be that way! With the Thermostar dry steam cleaner, you can remove dirt – be it in the house, flat or garden – very easily and, most importantly, gently (!), by only using steam. A huge advantage is that there is no harm to the environment or health, because a Thermostar device offers the most natural way of cleaning and is a true alternative to conventional cleaning agents. Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, living area, garage or bedroom: there are many areas of application for your house, flat, and even outside. No normal cleaning agent or household remedy can deliver such reliable results when it comes to cleaning!

Chemical-free: Easy on the environment and better for health

The micro dry steam cleans all surfaces without leaving residues or using chemicals and cleaning agents, because when cleaning it is important to think about tomorrow – about our children and future generations.

The Thermostar dry steam system allows you to do pore-deep cleaning of materials using the machine's heat and high pressure, without the steam cleaner damaging the structures – top-notch dirt-removal performance without chemicals. Even rough sponges tend to leave behind scratches on smooth surfaces. The dry steam cleaner puts an end to that. It cleans thoroughly and gently – even getting rid of coarse dirt. By the way: mattresses, furniture, and home textiles such as pillows or carpets, can also be cleaned with ease, and laminate, for example, will once again shine like new.

Clean hygienically and without leaving residues: I only use water and dry steam in my household

The dry steam can also defeat bacteria and germs. That is what makes dry steam cleaning so special: You can enjoy good hygiene practically and effortlessly and all without chemicals. Your cleaning to-do list has never been this short! Work that used to take hours can be done twice as quickly and easily. Time that you would otherwise spend cleaning becomes quality time for you and your loved ones.

Clean with lightning speed and leave things spotless with the dry steam cleaner

The steam also cleans wall tiles, glass and mirror surfaces, faucets, joints, shower cubicles, bathtubs, windows and hard-to-reach places – even stubborn limescale and soap residues: just steam it away! Glass surfaces and tiles will shine again – and that in just one step with the dry steam cleaner. You can also clean tiled floors with success.

One device for practically everything? That's the Thermostar dry steam cleaner!

Our tip: Faucets will receive an especially wonderful glossy finish thanks to a steam treatment. And the same applies in the kitchen: whether it is grease stains on cupboards and extractor hoods, clogged drains or burnt residues in the oven – with the right pressure and the right accessories, none of that is a big challenge for a dry steam cleaner. You also save money – because you pretty much don't need any conventional cleaning agents anymore.

Of course, the dry steam cleaner can not only be used for the big Christmas and spring cleaning – it's also a practical companion for everyday life. Once you've tried it once, you will never want to do without Thermostar again. You can find more about its practical applications here.

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